about me

image_1496664959.590745I am a PhD candidate at Hong Kong Baptist University and a visiting PhD student at University of California, Santa Barabra. My academic advisors at HKBU are Dr. Dominic Yeo and Prof. Vivian Sheer. My host at UCSB is Prof. Jennifer Gibbs. My research interests include organizational communication and technology, mediated interpersonal communication, and public relations. I conduct both qualitative (e.g., interviews and observation) and quantitative (e.g., survey and content analysis) research on these topics. As a researcher in my early career, I am eager to work with scholars who share similar academic interests. I enjoy working with my colleagues on interesting projects. In my personal life, I’m a big fan of theme parks and roller coasters. One of the achievements so far is to take all the roller coasters in a theme park twice in a day!